Here at Tip of the Spear we love free speech, honest reporting and fresh ideas; we can’t abide groupthink, media bias and political correctness.

The Leftist orthodoxy in Western culture means that much mainstream media is ill-suited to report accurately on centre-right movements and issues springing up in these turbulent times – think free speech, Trump, Brexit, nationalism vs globalism, immigration, the challenge of Islam, culture wars. Why would the same media that told you Trump couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t win the US presidency, be any more accurate now?  Here at Tip Of The Spear we want to offer you a centre-right perspective on current events taken largely from the last Western redoubt of free speech, the US, where debate is not hampered by censorship.

And something wild, or wacky or wonderful may creep in too, in the Oddly Enough section.

Happy reading!

Kerry Wakefield


(In the interests of full disclosure, I am married to former Liberal Party MP Nick Minchin.)